Thursday, March 13, 2008


NOTE: Pallimed: Case Conferences closed April 25, 2013 as an individual sub-blog and new Cases are being posted at the main site  Old posts from this site will be imported with comments to  Comments at are closed. 

Pallimed: Case Conferences was founded April 11, 2008. It is sometimes referred to as 'Cases'

From the beginning of this blog cases have been posted roughly twice a month.  Consistent posting stopped in May 2009 because of increased workload at the main Pallimed blog.  Pallimed Case Conferences has always had a blue color scheme to help identify it when looking at all the Pallimed blogs.

Cases was part of the 2008 overall redesign of Pallimed and at that time had a dark blue on beige color scheme.  As of March 2011 all Pallimed blogs underwent a major redesign with a focus on simplification and ease of use with a emphasis on social.  The color scheme now is navy blue on white with subtle goldenrod accents.  In March 2011, Pallimed: Case Conferences also opened up to guest submissions from professionals and the public.  While not focused on direct medical advice, aspects of the cases may be informative to professionals and the public to discuss openly.

Yearly Site Traffic for Pallimed: Case Conferences
2008: 3122 hits, 4496 pageviews
2009: 4935 hits, 6668 pageviews
2010: 9238 hits, 12533 pageviews

Pallimed is a volunteer effort and has never and will never accept advertisements.

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