Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pallimed Case Has Moved to

Editorial decisions and challenges in upkeep will mean that Pallimed: Case Conferences will be moving to the main Pallimed website (  While we know we have not posted here with regularity for a while, the move will allow us to begin regularly posting new cases and importing the current posts and comments here back to the main site.  The move will also allow the reader the chance to search on related topics on one blog and make it easier to coordinate similar materials.  We will also

There may be some technical hiccups as we get the comments and posts synced up so please bear with us.

Current Email Subscribers: All current email subscribers will be imported to the main Pallimed list.  I will work at removing any duplicate subscribers, plus the email updates have a very simple unsubscribe option. If you are only interested in Case Conferences we eventually will be moving to a new subscription system in the the next month which will allow for you to just choose Cases if those interest you most.

Comments: Comments will be closed on all Case Conference posts as of this posting. We will sync your comments over to the new post in addition to posting a follow-back link.

Pallimed Case Conferences ( will stay online as an archived source, but will no longer be updated. For new cases go to

If you are interested in submitting a Case or even potentially becoming a Section Editor for Case Conferences please email