Thursday, September 18, 2008

Delay, Scheduling, Boards, Comments

Pallimed Case Conferences ( is closed to comments and new posts as of April 25, 2013.
This site will stay online as an archived source, but will no longer be updated.
For active posts on these cases and new cases go to 

Case Conferences are back after a month hiatus. Technically on a every 2 week schedule, only one post was skipped, but it just feels like a long time. So never fear, we are not leaving, there is still so much to post!

Case Conference posting will be moving to Thursday evenings to avoid crowding with Arts & Humanities (usually Monday evenings) and because the main Pallimed blog rarely posts on Thursday evenings. Still every two weeks for Case Conference posts.

The Case Conferences are a great tool for studying for the palliative medicine boards. I would encourage you to go to the UPMC Institute for Enhanced Palliative Care so you can get some of the archived cases.

We have a lot of readers but very few comments, so please feel free to add your two cents, anonymously or identified. And check out the new Comments Only subscription.

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