Monday, March 9, 2009

Pallimed 2009 Annual Survey

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Results posted on Pallimed Main blog in April
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Dear Pallimed Readers,

Thanks so much for joining us here at Pallimed. Last January we had our first annual survey to get some more structured feedback from the readers. (Here are the results from the 2008 Pallimed Readers Survey.) This year we ask you for a few minutes to complete this year's survey. (Last year the survey took less then 6 minutes on average.)
It is even shorter then last year's, since we took out some questions! Blame it on the economy, we cannot even afford more questions this year. Drew, Amber, Amy, Tom and I appreciate your feedback very much.
The survey is open for just one week. Please complete it only once. It is the same survey regardless of which blog (Main, Arts, Cases) you access it from.

We will not sell your information. We pledge not to bombard you with survey pop-ups, or separate emails asking you to finish this. It is a voluntary survey.

We are expecting to provide our readers with some feedback from the survey by the end of March.


Christian Sinclair (on behalf of Drew, Amber, Amy, Tom and Pallimed)

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